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Terms & Conditions

1) 95 Shoot reserves the right to use any image and/or recording for any marketing purposes.

2) If the product is unacceptable to the customer from an editing standpoint, 95 Shoot will re-edit the imagery a second time based on written notes provided by the client. IF this second edit is unacceptable, 95 Shoot will charge an hourly fee to continue refinement of the images.


3) If a legal dispute arises with regards to the business conduct or representative’s actions while contracted by 95 Shoot, the client agrees to a privately mediated settlement.


4) The customer will provide a “show ready” property at the time arranged for the photography session. 95 Shoot will not be responsible for “preparing” the subject property for photography. If photographing the property is unacceptable based on the condition of the property or it’s contents, 95 Shoot will charge a reasonable fee to return and photograph the property, including travel expenses.


5) 95 Shoot is not responsible for weather-related detrimental effects of photographing the property.


6) 95 Shoot nor its independent contractors are responsible for damages, delays or failures in performance resulting from acts or occurrences beyond reasonable control such as acts of God, weather, or other uncontrollable conditions that prohibit services from being rendered as promised. (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Acts of Terrorism, etc.)


7) No other terms or conditions apply unless specified in writing.

8) Licensing and terms of use: Client is purchasing the limited rights to use on MLS, and online sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Instagram, etc… during the term of the original agreement  (Active MLS Listing Time) between the listing agent and homeowner/seller, and can not be transferred to another party unless agreed, and/or purchased from 95 Shoot. 

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