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No Available Dates? Don't Worry!

Give us a Call and we try to accommodate your session!


Your home will be shot AS-IS. The property must be photo-ready when we arrive. We do not provide any cleaning, moving or home staging services. Failure to have your home photo-ready may impact the number of photographs taken. Your appointment includes a specific amount of time for the photo session.


Finished photos are delivered next business day by 5 p.m. via Dropbox link for download. Twilight images and their associated daytime images are delivered next business day by midnight. Same day delivery is an additional $35, subject to availability. Image delivery times for custom photo packages will vary. A delay in payment will delay the processing and delivery of your images. Clients will receive high-resolution and MLS-optimized image sets from their photo shoot.

* Prices Not Included Sales Tax




All copyright rights (expressed or implied) will be retained by us, unless an agreement has been made in writing to the contrary (or in certain circumstances where specified in the Copyright Act 1968.


On receipt of full payment (or within 7 days from the date shown on our invoice, if applicable), we assign to the person that paid for the photos (i.e. the real estate agency or a particular agent or team within that agency, as the case may be) non-exclusive, limited rights to do as they wish with the photos, such as storing, editing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos, but ONLY in relation to marketing or promotion of the property being sold or leased.


Photos may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to owners or other agencies), unless where expressly agreed to by us in writing. Location photographs taken or provided in relation to a property may only be used in relation to that property and not in relation to any other property.


All of our images are copyrighted (the intellectual property of 95 Shoot and/or subsidiary), and we license our images to you for use based on the package you purchase.


MLS shoots: The agent or client is granted Temporary Usage Rights to use those images until the property is either sold or goes off the market. Once it goes off the market, you must purchase permanent usage rights to continue using.


Portfolio shoots: The client is granted Permanent Usage Rights to use those images forever, for all marketing purposes.


All image usage rights (regardless of Temporary or Permanent) are non-transferable and cannot be sold or given away.


You must credit 95 Shoot for the images purchased, for all usage purposes. 95 Shoot is the lawful copyright owner of all images.

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